imageThe Tanger brand represents an attitude that life is music.

Playing music, such as soft jazz, symbolizes elegance, romance and nostalgia.

The story of Tanger.
photoThe brand name is derived from the historical city of Tangier in the northern tip of Morocco. It is located at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar strait of Africa, the gateway of the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Tangier is a colorful scenic coastal city by the mountains which has been a popular destination for artists of the past seeking creativity or solitude. The Moroccan lifestyle and culture resonates with our brand’s value of elegance, romance and nostalgia. The spirit of our Brand: elegance, romance and nostalgia, is a reflection of the lifestyle and culture of Moroccans.
With an emphasis on quality, Tanger creates and provides a wide range of exceptionally professional-grade products for making music. Each piece of material involved in the manufacturing process is tirelessly selected by hand. The craftsmen who handle the material are all experienced professionals. Along with the practiced hands of our Tuning technicians, each of our guitars is flawlessly pitched.